Medical Support Service

Thankful to our Lord that the COVID 5th wave in HK is getting better. 


From 1 Mar to 14 Apr. 22, with collaboration of various churches and NGOs, we were very thankful to have conducted 7 health workshops on the COVID-19 with online medical support to the community. We wished to show our care to those in need, and to contribute to relieve the huge loading demand to our public health system. 


The contributions from the following doctors are deeply appreciated.

1)    Dr. Grace Loy
2)    Dr. Kate Lui
3)    Dr. Christy Mak
4)    Dr. Silas Ngan
5)    Dr. Kristine Pang
6)    Dr. Esther Pang
7)    Dr. Christine Wong
8)    Dr. Caleb Wong
9)    Dr. Iris Lim
10)    Dr. Jeffrey Yau
11)    Dr. Joyce Ting
12)    Dr. Timothy Fung
13)    Dr. Raymond Chow
14)    Dr. Chen Yi Tin
15)    Dr. Edward Sitt
16)    Dr. Jason Yam


May His name be gloried in this service. We look forward to serving those in need with our dear brothers and sisters again in the near future.