2017 AGM

Thanks our loving Father for a warm CMDF AGM on the 27th of November 2017, full of His abundant love and grace. AGM is an important annual event to gather ALL brothers and sisters together for fellowship. Thank you so much for coming! We had more than 85 doctors and medical students attending our gathering.


With the theme “Succession”, we are very glad to witness the succession of CMDF from our founding seniors to the younger generation this year. Our Founder Dr. Tony Loy shared with us the history of CMDF, and how graceful we have been serving in medical field in the past 40 years. Our student representative Mr. Tsz-Long Tai touched us with his passionate and humble witness of his commitments to our Lord.


Dr. Jason Yam (Chairman), Dr. Henry Lau (Vice-Chairman), and Dr. Joyce Ting (Secretary) introduced our CMDF Mentorship program and CMDF Clinical Attachment program as our medical student ministry in year 2018.


We must express our sincerest gratitude to our CMDF Mentors (listing in alphabetical order)


Dr. Allen Bong, Dr. Sze-Tong Chan, Dr. Kitty Chan, Dr. Walter Chen, Dr. Yi-Tin Chen, Dr. Ronald Chen, Dr. Ho-Man Cheung, Dr. Raymond Chow,Dr. Humble Chow, Dr. Chi-Yin Choi, Dr. Tze-Hoi Kwan, Dr. Sit-Yee Kwok, Dr. Chi-Wing Lai, Dr. Lap-Po Lam, Dr. Grace Lau, Dr. Chun-Lok Lau,Dr. Henry Lau, Dr. Sai-Ho Lau, Dr. Chung-Ying Leung, Dr. Kwok-Kuen Liu, Dr. Tony Loy, Dr. Michelle Ma, Dr. Daniel Mak, Professor Vincent Mok,Dr. Sze-Yuen Ngan, Dr. Edward Sitt, Dr. Kin-Shing Wong, Dr. Samuel Yee, Dr. Jason Yam, Dr. Patricia Yam, Dr. Michael Yau, Dr. Alex Yu, Dr. Daniel Yung


We are still eagerly inviting passionate doctors to be our CMDF Mentors, to walk with our medical students in the coming year.


To recap the sweet memory on that wonderful night, you are welcome to visit our Facebook and or website. We look forward to seeing you again in next year AGM:) blessings to ALL.


Self Photos / Files - 2017 poster