2017 Medical Student Gathering

Thanks to our Father for His abundant provision, and for a warm and joyful fellowship on 16.11.2017. Thank you so much to ALL of you for joining our 1st CMDF Medical Student Gathering. More than 70 doctor and medical student brothers and sisters came to share, bless and pray for each other.


We are in particular thankful to Dr. Alex Yu, Prof. Vincent Mok, Dr. Patrick Tsai and Dr. Candy Hui as our Guest Speakers, passionately urging all of us to be "Equipped for a Higher Calling" from our loving Lord.


Many CMDF Mentors including Dr. Ronald Chen, Dr. Raymond Chow, Dr. Tze-Hoi Kwan, Dr. Chi-Wing Lai, Dr. Lap-Po Lam, Dr. Grace Lau,Dr. Chung-Ying Leung, Dr. Kwok-Kuen Liu, and Dr. Edward Sitt, have come to share their committed serving visions with our young brothers and sisters.


We are deeply touched and encouraged by the pure hearts of our students, who are determined to follow our Jesus in their hectic and challenging medical student life.

Let us keep praying to our loving Lord on how we can walk with our medical students in the coming years !


We look forward to see ALL of you in the 2nd CMDF Medical Student Gathering in 2018.

Please go to CMDF Facebook or Website to enjoy the sweet photos of each joyful face in the gathering.


A specific gathering is prepared for ALL MEDICAL STUDENTS on 16/11 at 9/F chapel, Baptist Hospital, 222 Waterloo rd, Kowloon from 7:00~ 9:00pm.We are honor to invite Professor Vincent Mok as the keynote speaker and Dr Candy Hui and Dr Patrick Tsai as Guest speakers on that night.


The purpose of this gathering is to help and strengthen the students how to equip yourself to receive a higher calling for God from a student to a doctor in the near future. Are u ready to take the challenge of a doctor for the coming days ?


ACTION NOW(Enrollment is REQUIRED on or before 11/11)


ENQUIRY (Peggie) /Phone 6701-3555 /


Self Photos / Files - (8) 16.11.2017 (Equipped for a Higher Calling)