2018 Houseman Career Talk

Thanks for our Father to give us chance to serve Him last night.

This is a fruitful conference as many invited drs come to serve our young generation in united heart in the Houseman Career Conference 2018.


Thanks for Dr. Patrick Tsai to lead the worship to kick off the gathering, as well as to give us suggestions how to make a well preparation of yourself before attending an interview, including how to write a good CV and provide CV sample for reference to us.


Thanks for Dr Luke Tong (AHNH) to share the career pathways, and give us suggestions how to get successful recruitment in the interview in sight of the COS, Dr Luke also listed out very practical and helpful tips on interview questions in sharing.


Thanks for many bro and sis come from different specialties to share the goodness and weakness, its characteristics, and the culture of each dept in HA. This is very helpful to our young generation to know more before they apply for it.


Our God is so good and thanks for His love, and we can love one another and serve each other today.


Let us recap the sweet photos last night and wish to see you next year in Houseman Career Talk. Wish you all have a fruitful year in 2019.




Dear Houseman and students,


Received your registration and thanks for your participation to 2018 Houseman Career Conference which is organized by CMDF and CDN coming on 4/Dec. (Tue) at G8 Hall, PMH, Kowloon at 1900-2200.


The rundown of the Conference

1900 - 1910 Welcome & introduction of CMDF and CDN

1910-1920 Worship & prayers

1920-1940 Sharing by COS/CONS

1940-2000 Practical tips

2000-2130 Small group sharing


Refreshment is provided on that night.