2016 INDONESIA 8-16.8.2016

ME CARE,角聲佈道團香港分會及 CMDF 聯合舉辦,為神得著全球最大的未得之民 ~ 穆斯林


2016 印尼9天短宣隊,當中包括師生教育交流,醫療交流及義診服侍。

日期: 2016 年 8月8日至8月16

醫療活動 ~

(Dr. Sitt is committed to go the mission trip, you are cordially invited to join with us)

費用 : HK$ 7,800.00  (團費最後以第一次集訓時確定)

截止報名日期: 4月29日(星期五)
*** 4月12日前報名可減 $500.00. ***

隨附上報告表格, 填妥後請電郵至 或傳真至 2367-4694 (Peggie)

查詢: 2369-8511 (Peggie) 或電郵 :




願您貼近主心, 成就神的旨意! Amen


9 days Indonesia Medical Mission trip is gratefully completed in His Hand of our Almighty God. 2 doctors 1 dentist and 6 medic students joined the trip with us. It is a precious gift for all of us in serving the Muslim in Indonesia. In close range of encounter, we can get to know, understand and communicate with them more holistically through the services, Also it is really a grace of having a chance to reflect the meaning of life, to hear the calling voices at the bottom of our heart, to breakthrough our weakness and review our attitude to our Almighty God thru this mission trip ……Every participant enjoy the fellowship and unity among all participants during the trip.

The Spirit drive everyone a big step forward in the direction of His will.

Our next Indonesia Mission trip is scheduled on 29/7-6/8/2017.

Take the chance, Mark your diary and Join with us in 2017!


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