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2014 Graduation camp for CU students is held at Wu Kai Sha on Jun 13-15, 2014 and which lead by Dr. Lau Hing Wai, Henry and Pang Kit Yi, Kristine. This camp is very meaningful and touching to the doctors and students, because it is a good memory for them to count their happiness, grace and tears to the Lord when they are in the campus life.They all enjoyed a good and wonderful sharing in the camp.


Here below is the sharing from one of the participants Yu Ho Kun, Adrian


Time flies. Five years have passed, but the first day of encountering our mentors - Kristine and Henry, seems just like yesterday. The camp was hosted during the time of Internship post allocation and swaps - therefore, inevitably, internship was the central topic of discussion. In retrospect, Henry and Kristine had been teaching us 'how to be a Christian doctor'. True, we have read plenty of bible verses together, but the real impactful messages lie in their personal lives. For example, Henry found God's calling in Ophthalmology, and Kristine was dedicated to become an evangelist missionary doctor. I hope that I shall demonstrate similar testimony in my future medical career.


Here attached are the sweet photos taken in the camp.

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