Hallelujah! There are totally 236 medical workers come from Korea, Japan, Taiwan, China, Mongolia and Hong Kong in the 44th Asian Christian Medical Worker and Student Exchange Program (ICMDA East Asia regional conference) on Aug. 4 - 9, 2015 in Taiwan.


We have enjoyed a very good inspired lecture sharing and attractive parallel sessions, and the exciting climax of the event is the culture night when each regional team conducts their national performance. Through the exchange program, we are all in united heart to support each other in the collaboration of serving our Lord in medical profession even though we come from different nations, what a beautiful picture it is when our Heavenly Father watch us in heaven, if you want to recap the brilliant fragment of the event, please see the video as above.


Finally, 2016 is a great year to CMDF as it is our 40th anniversary , with the full support of EA region members, we are grateful to inform ALL of you that CMDF will be the host of 2016 ICMDA East Asia regional conference (45th Asian Christian Medical Worker and Student Exchange Program), and the conference will be one of our big events for the celebration of our 40th anniversary. We hope to see you all in 2016 Hong Kong conference.


For the further details of the conference, we will give you updated shortly and accordingly.


CMDF is invited by TCMA (台灣基督徒醫學協會) to join their great event of Medical Conference once a year. The event name is 基督徒醫療醫務工作者暨學生聯合退修會 including 44th Asian Christian Medical Worker and Student Exchange Program and the theme of this year is Diversity in Unity, in Christ

多元合一在主裡 the event is covered into 2 parts;


1) Aug. 4 – Aug. 7

44th Asian Christian Medical Worker and Student Exchange Program

(Pre-Conference program – for student only),


Medical students are requested to choose the desired field work location (A-D) they prefer.

2) Aug 7- Aug. 9

Main Conference (for Christian Medical workers and medical students)

內容包括: 主題演講,多場次專題平行分組分享,交流討論,海報展覽,文化之夜, 醫療傳道博物館參訪。

Detail of main conference, please see the attached 2015 information & brocedure.
地點: 彰化基督教醫院 (CCH)



1) 台灣基督徒醫學協會 (TCMA)
2) 彰化基督教醫院 (CCH)
3) 中華基督教路加傳道會 (CCMM)

預計將有來自台, 日, 韓, 泰, 中. 港等地醫療人員及醫學生聚會,共聚一堂互相交流學習。


Registration fee and lodging charges can be paid in US$ at registration on arrival. No credit cards accepted but registration must be made on/before 1 July , 2015.


Please send the form to CMDF at peggie@cmdf.org.hk or info@cmdf.org.hk

Welcome doctors / medical students and medical workers to join with us.

Medical students are eligible to apply sponsorship from CMDF for those participants successfully join this program. For the further information of sponsorship, please go to our students/visit & conference column. ( The sponsorship guideline of this program is the same as medical student medical mission grant guidelines).

For the other information (for example travel information), please see the attached brochure. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Peggie at 2369-8511