We are so excited to inform you that ICMDA East Asia Regional Conference 2017 will be held in Mongolia, from 2 August to 5 August. Mongolian Christian Medical Doctors Association is the host of this year.

Student Pre-Conference will be held on 2-3 August in Ulaanbaatar, capital city of Mongolia and Main Conference will be held on 4-5 August in Chinggis King’s Khuree (23 kms far away from UB)

Theme of this year :

 Be Equipped for Every GOOD Work  ( 2 Timothy 3:17)

 Be equipped for every good work for the Family, Colleagues and Nations “


Aims :

The Conference aims to equip and encourage participants for sharing their faith & love with discipleship commitment among Christian students, doctors, medical personals and patients in their own countries. The programme will be rich in bible teaching, seminars, and fellowship, focusing on our Mission as the people of God is “ to live so that all Nations can come to know and worship GOD. “

Invitees :

Medical students, doctors, dentists and medical workers from Taiwan, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Mongolia and Russia are invited come to the Conference.


Conference Cost :

As per attached file for information.


Notice :

All students are encouraged to participate in the pre and main conferences and the Doctors and medical workers have the option to join pre conference.



Preliminary program sheet is attached for reference only, but the program is subject to change without prior notice.


Registration :

Application form should be sent to HKCMDF at (info@cmdf.org.hk) on or before 26 May.


Payment :

The participants have to pay the conference fees in US$ via bank transfer to MCMA bank account on or before 5 June, and the bank account number will be advised to participants by email after registration.


Other Information From MCMA :

1) Places are limited vacancy, therefore attendance at the conference is not guaranteed. Preference will be given to applicants with the most involvement in Christian ministry of the Associations, as recommended by CMA. 

2) After the registration is done, the organizer will send you an invitation letter for your visa application if needed.


Don’t miss the opportunity, see you all in sunny Mongolia.


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