Clinical Attachment Program

One of the core projects for medical students, it is officially launched and 1 student is sent to India in 2018, and total 4 students will be sent to India, Bangladesh and Nepal respectively in 2019 and there will be 10 students sent out in 2020. Now the Program File is updated for 2021 for your reference, and please pray to the Lord where you should go for clinical training coming in 2021.



  • Pure & humble heart to learn HOW to be a good doctor to heal the sick & the poor.
  • Dare to be Different to take challenges in clinical training.
  • Leave your Comfort Zone to join this Wonderful & Eye Opening Experience!
  • For CHRISTIAN Medical Students only.



  • To let the students to see HOW the missionary doctors from all over the world are willing to come to those rural areas to offer their service, especially their stories and motivation behind. We believe that the Life of the Missionary Doctors as Message and this is a very good role model to inspire the medical students the Mission of being of a Christian Doctor.
  • To strengthen and equip the medical students thru the training, and also let them know HOW the Christian doctors trust in Lord to serve the underprivileged population in the poor and insufficient resources of environment.
  • To enhance the sense of clinical responsibility to medical students.




MISSION HOSPITALS in those countries along the Belt & Road.

  1.  LAMB Hospital (Bangladesh)
  2.  Memorial Christian Hospital (Bangladesh)
  3.  Duncan Hospital (India)
  4.  Herbertpur Christian Hospital (India)
  5.  Green Pastures Hospital (Nepal)
  6.  Chaurjahari Hospital (Nepal)
  7.  United Mission Hospital Tansen, Nepal
  8.  Okhaldhunga Community Hospital, Nepal


  • To observe, assist and perform under supervision in operations, deliveries, procedures, and to follow ward rounds and clinics, and enable the students close and in-depth interactions with the doctors, and also interact with nurses, other staff members, patients and other local people. 
  • Bedside study for case study, or case presentation for interesting case.
  • Outreach service and or community service or field visit is provided.



  • Mentor is assigned to each medical student in ratio of 1:1 or 1:2 maximum and students are under the supervision by Mentor.
  • Students are assigned to work in different departments over all areas.
  • Guest House is reserved for students in each Hospital.
  • CMDF Medical Student Sponsorship Scheme can be eligible to thouse successful applicants who are in financial difficulties or burden.



  • Higher Class Medical Students who are HKU for the Final Year Elective Students and or CU for Elective for Year 4 and or above.
  • For CHRISTIANS only.



  1. CV Application stating your personal information, church affiliation, education, volunteer experience, character & goals if any, & the purpose/reason for application and then sent to CMDF office (Peggie) only by email or by WhatsApp at 6701 3555.
  2. CV Application is NOT allowed sent to Mission Hospital.
  3. Please call Peggie at 6701-3555 or 2369 8511 or email to for enquiry.



In order to streamline the admin & logistics process of this Program, we plan to proceed the following arrangements of interview with candidates. 


  • For those candidates who submit the CV Application on or before 30/4
  • 1st round Interview will be arranged on or before 15/5.
  • Result can be announced in June.


  • For those late candidates who submit the CV Application after 30/4 & before deadline 30/6. 
  • 2nd round Interview will be arranged on or before 15/7
  • Result can be announced in Aug.


*As the headcount of each Mission Hospital is limited, we will confirm and release the headcount to the right candidates on 1st round interviews, therefore early application is beneficial and crucial to candidate in application of  your desired Mission Hospitals.*