2019 The Life Perspective of an Academic Doctor

In His grace we start worship and prayer to kick off the gathering, we pray for  His mercy and love to heal the injured HK People and our land, we pray for His faithfulness & kindness to give us brave to love each other as well as to forgive each other, to reconcile our relationship with each other because Our Lord is a Healing God full of His abundant Love.


We thanks for 100+ bro and sis attending the gathering, as well as we are thankful to Professor Kwok Yung YUEN for his genuine sharing on his life stories, religion and career journey ....Professor Yuen also shared his insight on today's society crisis, it was a warm and direct dialogue with the audiences on that wonderful night. We also quote 2 reflection from a doctor and a student who attended the gathering to let you know more about the sharing.


(by a HA consultant)

Prof Yuen is a real scientist that he analysis his belief with science. He is analytical but very human. He reads a lot including bible. I agree much with his experience in serving for the poor in an Christian community hospital. I can feel his joy working in those years not like today in HA. I can share his joy and love among the brothers and sisters living their life together since medical students dates. Most important is to keep in a soul mate state with one of his best brother till now! That is why we bed fellowship in our life and work!


(by a CU21 student)

Prof. Yuen's sharing was one of the most rewarding sharing I have ever been to. His analysis of religion and Christianity base on science and literature reviews was very in-depth and thought-provoking. He is a man of insights. I really admire him that he has a very clear focus of his life, keeping him on the path serving people with love and glorifying God. As a medical student, I found his suggestions on reviewing how I use my time and how I should explore more before committing on certain specialties very meaningful.  His view on how a Christian should act when hatred and injustice prevail, how we should act justly, love mercy and walk humbly, was also a very good reminder.


Last, wish to see you again in CMDF Medical  Student Gathering next year.




A specific CMDF Medical Student (& Worker) Gathering is prepared for ALL of You. We are honor to invite Professor Kwok Yung Yuen (袁國勇教授) as Speaker to share the topic “ The LIFE Perspective of an Academic Doctor”Issues related to Life, World View, and Deep Personal Questions for Prof Yuen are welcomed and will be shared in the Gathering. (Please write them down on the registration form or send them to 67013555 directly).


The Date of the gathering is held on 15.7.2019 (Mon) from 6:30 to 9:30pm, (6:30-7:20pm for Registration & Dinner) at The Chapel, 9F Block D, Hong Kong Baptist Hospital, 330 Junction road, Kowloon.


Enquiry of Contact Person: Peggie at 6701 3555 or 2369 8511 or


REGISTRATION is required at



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